Tuesday, August 09, 2005

winxp, oracle 10 and compiere (How to Install Compiere)

Step by step:
1. Install J2SDK
2 . Install oracle
3. Create user compiere (di Oracle)
4. Create table space "compiere" (di Oracle)
5. Install compiere (How to)
6. Import database ( How to)
7. Complete server (How to)
8. Install Client (How to)

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

How to installed Lotus notes in Wine

To day, I try to "ngoprek" linux (FD3) and just a long time ago i am absen. First step Install wine and lotus notes. hopely lotus notes can run on linux.

I used wine-20050524-1fc3winehq.i386.rpm. running well at installation process. and the just copy all file at folder lotus to ~\.wine\c:\.

type "wine "c:\lotus\notes\notes.exe" from windows terminal.
bravooooo .... not running :) :) :)
ask uncle google and found how to solve my problem.

Solution > copy file mfc42.dll, mfc42u.dll, msvcp60.dll and mscrt.dll dari windows system to ~\.wine\c:\windows\system

and run again!!!!!
bravooo successfully

Friday, June 03, 2005

The first Experience

The first time i try to created this blog. I don't know what will write on here.
anyways thank to uncle google.

But i will try to publish all about IT administrator and Islamic culture.